MetalCraft Website

This is the website I created for Metal Craft trailers. I built everything from the ground up, with the exception of the logo, and I also did not photograph the images. I generated the banner slideshow with the help of for the sake of time, but it was incorporated into the website by me. Most of the text content at the lower portion of the page was taken from Metal Craft's previous website, and heavily edited by me.

I designed the home page to be a landing page, with the most important links in the form of action items so that information can be easily found. On the mobile site, the slideshow was problematic and had to be removed, but the action items were preserved to keep information easily accessible. I also coded the hamburger style menu for the mobile site myself.

One thing I would change about this website if I built it today is the fact that the slideshow had to be omitted from the mobile version because the one I found was not adaptable. I believe all content should be accesible on all screens, so I would ensure that the website contained mobile-compatible scripts.

The full website can be found at

PowderKeg Website

This is the website I created for PowderKeg Coating and Blasting, Metal Craft's sister company. I built everything in this website except for the logo, slideshow, and images used. The slideshow was generated by for the sake of time.

I chose this color scheme to emphasize that powderkeg offers a variety of colors, but I toned them down so that the colors weren't too bright or gaudy in appearance. The images chosen for the slideshow display the quality of the work provided by powderkeg right up front, with action items below to make information more accessible.

The full website can be found at

VISTA Poster

I was responsible for creating the infographics for the poster. I ran the numbers and calculated the ratios required for the different graphs. The graphs were created by me in illustrator, with the exception of the heart icon graph, which was put together by someone else, although I still edited it to ensure that the ratios were correct. I also helped to finalize the overall design of the poster through early group meetings.

The collaboration on this poster was one of the more fun group projects I ever worked on. Originally, the colors for the infographic were the same colors used through the rest of the poster, PSP's own brand colors of blue and red. However, members of the group expressed the bland nature of this color scheme, so I went back and changed the colors. I had a lot of fun working with colors and matching them to their contexts. Green for the chart with data about money, red for the pictogram containing hearts, and so on. I was especially satisfied with the pie chart regarding volunteer time being represented in the shape of a clock, which actually came to me as a last minute idea.