My name is Bryan Burnham. I am a Web Designer, Tech Writer, and Programmer

I create web content to help people achieve their online goals. I especially enjoy optimizing content for smaller screens and mobile devices.

Be sure to check out my website on a mobile device!


Metal Craft Website

This is a website that I built from scratch for Metal Craft Trailers. It was the first website I ever built. I also went back and retroactively adapted this website for mobile devices about a year after it was completed.

Powder Keg Website

Powder Keg is Metal Craft's sister company, and so I was asked to build a website for Powder Keg also. Adapting this website for mobile was much easier, as I had already built in a lot of compatible code.


A group project for a university class, this poster is one of several artifacts our group generated for the PHP/VISTA organization at Utah State University. In this poster, I created the infographic in Adobe Illustrator and I collaborated with my group on the overall design.

About Me

Back in high school, friends of mine would have me look over their papers for English classes before turning them in, as they knew I had a natural skill in writing. I found that I very much enjoyed helping others to improve their writing and working with them to end up with a quality paper. This naturally led me to pursue a degree in Technical and Professional Communication at Utah State University.

Web Design came when I worked for a company that built boat trailers. My boss asked me to build a company website. Since I knew nothing about web design at the time, I had to teach myself very quickly. By building a website from scratch without help from any sort of web design software, my skills grew quickly. Several websites and edits later, I became the expert I am today.

Building a website from scratch led me into the world of computer programming. The requests my employer had for the website required some back-end programming skills that are not typical of a normal front-end web designer. Managing servers and data tables seemed impossible when I first began, but I gained the skills I needed to complete the task by teaching myself programming and taking computer science classes at USU.

I thoroughly enjoy helping others gain solutions to reaching their tech writing goals, whether that solution is a company website or a printed document. I see problems as opportunities to learn and improve, and I have no fears about tackling difficult problems. Most of the skills I have today are due to resolving problems that I did not have the skills to solve when I first started.

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